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Utilization of the nickel-plated brass manifolds with stopcock
In the GNALI BOCIA catalogue we find a full assortment of brass manifolds in the versions with two to four derivations, which allow infinite combinations so as to connect the desired number of users. Linked to the supply column, they grant the comfort of intercepting every single joint and [...]

Use the automatic air vents on heat sinks.
One of the places in which we usually find the air vents is the highest and outermost points of every radiator; we are used to see those of a manual type which we get to open every time that the radiator becomes noisy or does not heat up in a uniform manner. It is also true, however, that even [...]

The importance of automation in the production of brass fittings
The precision demanded by the market for such a product as brass fittings is also achieved by exploiting the available modern production technologies, where among all the elements the main role is played by the robotized automation systems. This type of machines enables one to have, during the [...]

A controlled process for the production of tubular electric heaters
The production and assembly of the components manufactured in its own plants enables GNALI BOCIA to supply his clients with a broad personalization level for tubular electric heaters, being versatile components for heating the water in health circuits especially. The coupling of the annealed [...]

Data and certificates in support of a shut-off valve
Today, we see what regulations, which are contained in the ECR 2009 edition, impose in terms of the marking of the shut-off valve of the primary fluid; regulations that are respected on all devices manufactured by GNALI BOCIA. This compendium of standards covers all central heating using hot [...]

The UNI-IGC 7129 still allows the use of extendable flexible water pipes.
The entry into force of the new EN 14800 standard, still leaves the UNI-IGC 7129 standard in place for the production and sale of flexible water pipes made with extendable corrugated stainless steel pipe. In fact, for the connections of gas appliances only fixed length pipes covered with a [...]

Safety valves are necessary for your own protection
It is always necessary to install a safety valve, which can protect the system from excessive pressure due to malfunction, to the output of a hot water generator. This device takes care of lowering the excess pressure and of bringing back the internal plant pressure to acceptable values.
This [...]

Pressure regulators for industrial uses
In the catalogue section dedicated to methane we find the range of FG and FGB series of pressure regulators designed and constructed for adjusting the pressure of methane gas or propane in civil and industrial applications.
With high accuracy they use the balancing technique in order to obtain [...]

The right temperature on the boiler thermostat for savings
The correct exploitation of the heating system is regulated by a fundamental component which is the boiler thermostat: it contributes to setting the room temperature.
Exposure to high temperature results in a too high reduction of room humidity and therefore generates breathing problems in [...]

Key features of brass threaded fittings
A wide range of brass threaded fittings is available in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, articles made from raw material certified by suppliers. The careful choice of the latter ensures compliance of the alloys both with technical demands and with international certification.
Both CW614N bars, from [...]

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