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General description of the mini control units
Mini control units are valves capable of modifying the flow of compressible and incompressible liquids, allowing adequate management of the output pressure. These are devices that required great efforts by Gnali Bocia to be designed and patented. Mini control units are generally made up of [...]

The heating of a house is managed by a group of manifolds.
Heating manifolds manage the hydraulic heating system of a house. These systems require many properties: they must not take up much space and particularly not impose on the inside of the house; they must have passed all the certifying tests and should be sold with the instructions manual [...]

The range of thermal hydraulic products made by Gnali Bocia
The range of products for thermal hydraulics includes a series of components which are specifically designed for the production of both home and office heating systems. The thermal hydraulic products may include: multi-layer pipes for the distribution of water and gas, pressure reducers, [...]

Air vent valves: an excellent thermodynamic solution
Heating systems or, more generally, systems that exchange heat with the environment via the circulation of fluids with a high convective heat transfer coefficient, are subject to the presence of quantities of air inside them. Air is a compressible fluid with a low coefficient of convective heat [...]

The main problems concerning pressure regulators
When considering pressure regulators, it is often thought that downstream of the component there are no risks deriving from any malfunctioning of the component itself. However, this is not completely true. In fact, the components designed by Gnali Bocia are guaranteed over time and in specific [...]

The characteristics of stainless steel hoses
With regard to stainless steel, the world of metallurgy has separated this type of steel into several classes based on the alloy elements and the microstructure. The stainless steel hoses produced by Gnali Bocia are marked ‘GNALIFLEX’. They are made from AISI 316 stainless steel: this is an [...]

Gnali Bocia Hydraulic fittings are exported worldwide
The quality of the Gnali Bocia product range is the result of careful and close supervision activity that starts as early as the hydraulic fitting design phase. The Gnali Bocia Research & Development Department is a team of experts that constantly apply the know-how acquired over the years so as [...]

The relief system in gas safety valves
The gas management systems are designed to maximise the efficiency of the plant in normal operating conditions or when at a standstill: it is always best to work at constant operating conditions as much as possible and this can be guaranteed by components such as gas safety valves. There are two [...]

Safety guaranteed by Gnali Bocia gas taps
Strict standards are in place to ensure safety to all people close to possible dangerous sources such as LPG, methane and other gases. The standards must guarantee that the prevention and protection measures are sufficient to avoid any accident by drastically lowering the risk threshold. In [...]

Series of requirements for hydraulic valves
To ensure the safe use of the hydraulic valves, the engineers of Gnali Bocia, a leading company in the sector of connecting elements, have to meet the design demands of the components to be sized. The process starts with selection of materials, which already implies a first selection of the [...]

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