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Stainless steel hoses for domestic use
In domestic environments, boilers and heating systems, many of you will have surely noticed the presence of metal hoses covered in a protective casing made of rubber or rigid plastic. These hoses are made of stainless steel, a metal alloy made up of Iron, Carbon, Chrome and traces of Nickel. It [...]

The features of shutoff valves
In the world of work, one of the aspects which should always be taken into account is safety: in working environments, it is necessary to protect workers who often find themselves in situations of hypothetical risk, meaning those capable of compromising their health. For this reason, shutoff [...]

Design of gas flow regulation valves.
Success stemming from an idea. This is Gnali Bocia’s enterprising spirit which has brought it over two generations to the design and marketing of gas regulation valves. All the types are controlled and guaranteed by certificates obtained thanks to years of experience and enterprise, which [...]

Gnali Bocia: design of brass fittings
Brass fittings are designed, checked and marketed by Gnali Bocia which guarantees all the features and reject any components having slight defects either on the surface or in their microstructure. The fittings are made of brass, a metal alloy made up of copper and zinc. Brass is used due to [...]

The various types of taps for gas produced
Over time Gnali Bocia has been able to collect experience in design and on the field in order to create many components for gas and fluids. Gas taps stand out amongst these. They are marketed all over Italy in addition to many other countries. The sales catalogue includes many types of gas [...]

The use of pressure reducers with different application fields.
Pressure reducers are extremely versatile components for many fields of application. Gnali Bocia has been able to refine these components in order to adapt them for the use with a range of fluids, each completely different from the other. Both gas and liquid elements such as water flow through [...]

Kits for cylinder connecting for gas system
Gnali Bocia is the company situated in Lumezzane in Brescia province. More than for 25 years the company has been disposing its dedication and his professionalism to the production of gas and water items. Fittings, pressure reducers, valves, kits for cylinder connecting and many other [...]

Electrical resistances for all kinds of devices.
Every day for a variety of reasons we use a multitude of devices and electric appliances. We switch on gas, a dishwasher, a boiler, never thinking of their operation mode, or, even less, of their components. Electric resistances, for instance, make an essential part and the core of most [...]

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