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Air vent valves even for boilers
Air vent valves should even be fitted on boilers to make them reach top levels of efficiency while working, because an irregular accumulation of gases (which are released because of fluid heating) can block the whole system. To prevent this inconvenience, fit one of the automatic air vent valves [...]

Seals between the parts of electric resistors
The hermetic seal of electric resistors used in water boilers is a vital factor for guaranteeing long life. The heart of the device is an electric wire that transforms electricity into heat, and as you can well imagine its coexistence with water and humidity is not exactly harmonious. The seal [...]

Range of brass connectors for general use
In modern plant design, the various plant branches and users are connected using a wide range of brass connectors, which have now replaced most of the other connectors made of different materials, excluding special cases such as aggressive environments. You can, in fact, find a selection of [...]

Heating manifolds, low bulk
Our heating manifolds are made starting from moulded pieces of brass. You can find them in our company catalogue, even with multiple branches that can be combined to obtain the number of branches needed for the plant being assembled. The heating manifolds can be equipped with taps, and in this [...]

Flexible water hoses of stainless steel, expandable
Threaded for gas at the extremities, our flexible water hoses have solved many installation problems. The fact that they can be extended to double their normal length means that any type of device can be connected to the water mains without creating strange pipe knots that have never been [...]

Gas safety valves with thermocouple, even for pilot lights
Usually used with hobs, gas safety valves with thermocouple close the flow of gas if the flame goes out. This eliminates the danger caused if the leaking gas saturates the environment, avoiding possible explosions that endanger the safety of people and buildings. Gas safety valves have the [...]

The use of mini power packs regulated by Standard UNI7131
Mini power packs are a compact solution for connecting several cylinders contemporaneously to the domestic system, in order to increase system autonomy. Thanks to how they are made, they often have a one-way valve at each branch, so they can be changed easily without any gas leaks. Their use [...]

Water pressure reducers that save water
As already said other times, applying water pressure reducers upstream of a system above all helps reduce the dangerous effects that pressure peaks can cause to user devices, or on shut off valves with their resulting breakage and the consequential loss of fluid. Applying water pressure [...]

Avoid plant stoppage by using an air release valve
Hard water with large amounts of dissolved minerals and salts can cause the formation of gas bubbles inside the system. These bubbles can be effectively managed by an air release valve installed it a suitable point in the system. Gas expansion can, in fact, stop the fluid from discharging [...]

Pipe fittings produced by GNALI BOCIA
Pipe fittings made of brass, which are also called generic, can be used to connect the various components of a hydraulic system or any system that transports fluids. Indeed, the difference between these articles lies, as in the case of those produced by GNALI BOCIA, in the processing technology [...]

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