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The pressure gauge: between history and current events.
  What is a pressure gauge? The term pressure gauge indicates an instrument capable of measuring the pressure difference between two fluids or between two different points of the same fluid. Wanting to be precise, the pressure gauge is the instrument used to measure pressures higher [...]

Shelves for gas meters: available positions

Within the Gnali Bocia catalog, with reference to the products for LPG gas, you can find a series of shelves for gas meters. The function of these components, as the name implies, is to house the gas meter in the systems. Usually, it is composed of some parts that play a fundamental role: - [...]

Hose for LPG realized according to the EN ISO 3821 standard
Within the Gnali Bocia catalog there is a wide range of LPG hoses that directly refer to the EN ISO 3821 standard. This standard, which replaced the previous EN 599, specifies the construction requirements for rubber hoses intended for welding, cutting and other related activities. In particular, [...]

Pressure preducers in hydraulic systems
The choice and installation of pressure regulators (or pressure reducers) for a hydraulic system is essential. In fact, the water supplied by the public distribution network is often at higher pressure values than what a domestic user actually needs. The reason for this surplus of pressure is [...]

Let's not forget the air relief valve in our installations
Let's not forget the air vent valve in our systems 
The air vent valve is combined with the automatic check valve for easy maintenance 
The noise of the systems can be a non-negligible problem inside homes. This phenomenon is mainly due to the presence of air bubbles which, [...]

A variety of gas valves
The gas taps are a highly developed product by Gnali Bocia. In fact, within the catalog you can find different categories of products which in turn branch into various types. They are distinguished by characteristics and dimensions, so that they can meet customer needs and a wide range of [...]

The range of tubular heating elements
With which materials the tubular electric resistances are realized Tubular electric resistances are components that play a major role in heating liquids in open water heaters, pressure water heaters, pressurized and free boilers. It is fundamental, for the correct functioning of these [...]

Air vent valves even for boilers
The boilers require the assembly of air vent valves in order to achieve maximum efficiency during their operation, since an abnormal accumulation of gas (released in the system and due to the heating of the fluid) could block the whole system. In fact, air is mainly a double problem: on the one [...]

Heating manifolds with stopcock
The heating manifolds are a choice of heat distribution systems within the home network and civil construction. They are also commonly called multiple derivation devices, as they have a number of derivations on the central body that can vary from 2 to 4: in this way they are able to supply the [...]

The TIG welding for metal flexible hoses
The flexible hoses have solved many design problems because they can be extended, by design, up to twice their original length. Inside the Gnali Bocia catalog there are different types of flexible hoses: among these, metal flexibile hoses have a particular importance. They are made of stainless [...]

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