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Safety valves for the thermocouples in our catalogue.
In the GNALI BOCIA production catalogue that presents products for gas, there is a section completely dedicated to safety valves that should be applied to gas devices to prevent leaks if the pilot flame or the user’s main flame blows out. These safety valves should be combined with a [...]

Water pressure reducing valves to limit problems caused by high pressure
The water mains situation in Italy has never been optimal, but lately the idea of increasing the incoming pressure was proposed to eliminate the abundant leaks in the system, and to guarantee suitable pressure at each point of use. This has made it obligatory to introduce water pressure reducing [...]

Hydraulic fittings for the multilayer pipe
Next to the generic hydraulic fittings in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, available in various versions, from the yellow brass type to the nickel-plated one, we also find a range of fittings suitable for assembling systems with multilayer pipes. This type of pipe, among the latest to be marketed, [...]

Metane gas pipe and slippage test
The production of devices complying with the UNI CIG 7140 standard, such as the methane gas pipe, should be backed up, besides a certified production management system, by a whole series of type tests, to be conducted during the initial stage in order to validate the process and periodically [...]

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