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The galvanic treatment of brass manifolds
They are born in two, three or four shunts to enable interconnection and thus create the necessary number for system requirements: these are the brass manifolds, a versatile article we may come across in the catalogue of the GNALI BOCIA company. In their chromium- or nickel-plated versions, or [...]

A safety valve avoids blocks in the system
Automatic or manual, a safety valve always aims at discharging the excess gas that might gather in the critical points of a system, be they curves or maximum pipe points or radiators. This gas dissolved and released by the fluid that conducts heat inevitably tends to create noise, besides [...]

Products for heating and plumbing that come in contact with the combustible gases
Year after year, the market for heating and plumbing products is becoming more demanding to the point that clients expect more, in the face of non-excessive prices, regarding an increasingly high quality and a high degree of innovation to keep pace with the times. But above all, as in the case of [...]

The stabilization of the inlet by means of a water pressure reducer valve
With the advent of plastic pipes for the aqueduct distribution networks, you can begin to notice the first ruptures after a number of years. This is caused by the combination of two factors: the type of pipe material, which tends to undergo the phenomena of relaxation and pressure fluctuations, [...]

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