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Hose for LPG realized according to the EN ISO 3821 standard
In the Gnali Bocia catalogue devoted to types of gas, we may find a wide range of hoses for LPG in spools, conforming to different standards and especially of different lengths. Each standard is linked to a specific use of the products, such as the use exclusively for LPG envisaged by the DIN [...]

Safety valve and flame adjustment according to the EN 125 standard
Apart from discharging the excess pressure in a system with water under pressure, the safety valve is likewise useful in gas systems to avoid any kind of leakages. In that instance, the optimal version to attain a safe control is the one controlled by thermocouple. Every model of safety valve [...]

Taps for gas in the spiked version for the sake of flame adjustment
In the spiked and conical versions, with special connections for use with camping cylinders, or in the version   with built-in burner, this is the vast family of taps for gas, available in the catalogue of the GNALI BOCIA company, whose production takes place at the Lumezzane plants. In the [...]

Robust, modular, compact brass manifolds
How could we describe brass manifolds, other than as robust articles, easy to connect and quite compact, especially in the version with a 35mm wheelbase, which allows an easy installation in confined environments such as civilian homes? We should not forget modularity, which enables us, by [...]

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