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The best offer of gas valves
Talking about gas valves allows us to understand a wide range of products in the GNALI BOCIA catalog, all made of brass, starting from hot forged raw material that make it compact and homogeneous. The workings to realize them are mechanical and take place in the factories of Lumezzane on [...]

Heating manifolds multiple derivation
The heating manifolds are the basic component of the distribution systems inside homes, especially as regards heating and therefore the conduction of the fluids towards devices that can be radiators or radiant systems of furniture for bathrooms. The heating manifolds are also called [...]

LPG pipe in PVC or rubber, depending on the application
There are two main types of LPG pipe available in the catalog and both are sold in rolls that allow the cutting of the most suitable piece to use.
 In the first case we have a LPG pipe made of a  PVC-based material, a versatile and flexible material, which replaces the rubber in healthy [...]

Gas taps with pin or conical closure
There are two types of closure in the various models of gas taps one is the tap with a pin lock while the other type is the one with a conical closure. Both are based on a type of metal-on-metal seal of a conical type, in the first case with more contained dimensions and conical more pronounced [...]

Thermostats for tubular electric resistances
As already mentioned in other articles, the tubular electric resistances produced and marketed by GNALI BOCIA are made of pure copper, a material that ensures a long life even when used with particularly hard water. But to make these devices work properly, we must combine a thermostat that [...]

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