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High and low pressure regulators for the hydraulics industry
It has always been considered necessary to know the pressure values that a mechanical component is subject to during operation. This is the case for the pressure regulators that are differentiated by high and low pressures depending on the different scenarios under scrutiny.  Even if the design [...]

Water manifolds for the home
For many years now, Gnali Bocia has manufactured and sold multi way manifolds.  It is important that the water management distribution is assigned to the correct multi way system.  The speed at which the water flows through the outlet pipelines depends on the size of the pipes:  with outlet [...]

The types of brass used for gas valves
For all industries involved in the hydraulic connections and valves and fittings sector, the choice of brass is very important and can vary depending on the intended operating conditions. As it is an alloy that is made of copper and zinc and other alloys in smaller quantities, it is crucial to use [...]

Gnali Bocia's range of products for thermal and hydraulic applications
Among the products for thermal and hydraulic applications designed and manufactured by Gnali Bocia include a wide range of items for both incompressible fluids (such as water and fluids with a high convective heat transfer coefficients) and compressible fluids (such as LPG, natural gas and [...]

The importance of thermostats in boilers
A mechanical component must work at nominal conditions that allow continuity over time: for example, a thermostat for boilers must be able to detect the temperature or any variations of it with minimum reading errors so as to allow the boiler to control the flow of heat necessary for heating [...]

Laws and standards for safety valves
The Italian laws and standards and, more generally, the international ones require the respect of general “guidelines” in all sectors so as to ensure safe working conditions and protect the health of the operators and employees of all companies, as is the case for Gnali Bocia. Moreover, [...]

Home comforts with tubular heating elements
Comfort should always be a priority in the home. One of the first guarantees of comfort is the room temperature and the temperature of water or any other fluid that required heating. In order to be considered comfortable, a house should be able to both heat itself and heat water as quickly as [...]

The design specifications of shut-off valves
Shut-off valves are devices that assess the amount of fuel reaching the heat generator, in order to better manage the temperature of the heat transfer fluid and ensure the best performance of the hydraulic heating system. The device works in close contact with the fuel and therefore it is [...]

Brass fittings for hydraulic use
Brass has always been considered as a metal with excellent strength properties, and is therefore widely used in the plumbing sectors. Gnali Bocia has always used this metal in designing a wide range of fittings. Some of the fittings are listed below, with explanations and uses. Nipples: these [...]

Stainless steel water hoses
Hoses are widely used, especially in the plumbing, building and construction sectors. In these sectors, it is important that water hoses withstand working conditions which are certainly not comparable to domestic conditions: for example, the operating pressure required to push water along a [...]

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