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Water couplings derived from top quality materials

Water couplings, ordinary items and yet needed for the realization of water and gas installations.

Water couplings in brass are among the items most widely used and most readily available commercially, capable due to their universality and flexibility of facilitating the installers’ life.
The market difference made by water couplings is certainly due to the selling price, which in the case of the material sold by GNALI BOCIA is fully competitive, but especially to the raw materials utilized. As regards procurement, our company turns to qualified suppliers, from which it purchases certified and controlled material of choice quality.
In order to realize water couplings, one starts from lengths of bar, which are subjected to hot moulding, thereby taking the necessary form; the precision of this processing job ensures the correct locking of parts on the machines, which then carries out the following processing works.
Drillings and threads of water couplings are subsequently realized on modern numerical control transfer machines, capable of ensuring precisions comparable to some hundredths of a millimetre and assured repeatability. All of that contributes to the quality of the products sold to the customers’ satisfaction.


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