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april 2011

Electric tubular heaters capable of offering better resistance to corrosion.

Copper at a high purity grade in order to build electric tubular heaters suited to house kettles

From the premise of a highly pure copper pipe, capable as such of better resisting the action of salts dissolved in water, a wide range of electric tubular heaters, capable of safely heating the fluid found in tanks and heaters, is realized through bending.
However, the bending of the pipe is not embarked upon unless one first inserts the resistance properly so-called, which is isolated from the copper pipe through magnesium oxide. This ensures the safety of the persons making use of plants in which these electric tubular heaters are installed.
If this compressed filling is not realized in a workmanlike fashion, it results in the shorting of the electric tubular heaters and the intervention of the thermal power plant.
In the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, we may find a wide range of electric tubular heater models and related accessories. The forms and sizes are those commonly used in the market at present, yet the flexibility of our design and production departments also enable customizations to be realized at the customers’ behest.


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