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Parts for tubular electrical heating systems
In the catalogue of items for water, we find not just tubular electrical heating systems, but also the separate parts for them. Given that brass processing is one of the strengths of the company, all turned and machined parts may be manufactured both for internal production and pursuant to [...]

Human experience in order to realize quality products for heating and plumbing
Brass processing is the departure point for the realization of several products for heating and plumbing available in the catalogues of the GNALI BOCIA company, which for over thirty-five years has been involved in this sector at its Lumezzane plants. Besides latest generation machines that [...]

Mini power packs realized in brass and used to connect more than one tank.
The definition of mini power packs is quite simple: they are the devices that are connected through user equipment, such as for instance burners, refrigerators for campers, water heaters and gas fuel tanks. They are equipped with a single or dual stage pressure reducer and a series of input [...]

Shut-off valves and monitoring of fluid temperature
The operation of shut-off valves exploits the monitoring of fluid temperature inside a boiler, a direct method to ascertain its operational state. An excessive temperature, in fact, may be the symptom of a problem and thus of potential damages to the boiler itself. By using shut-off valves, it [...]

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