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Mini power packs, the compact solution for connecting tanks
A compact solution for connecting more than one tank in order to feed the same system is that of mini power packs, one of the key products of the GNALI BOCIA company. These items, produced at our Lumezzane plants in different configurations, are capable of fulfilling a range of system [...]

Use of air vent valves in solar panel systems
In the Gnali Bocia catalogue, we may find the section devoted to automatic air vent valves that suit multiple situations very well; oftentimes, however, they are also used in solar energy systems in order to extract from the primary circuit the air and gas formations that might block its [...]

Galvanic covering for brass fittings
We have seen some of the technical aspects of brass fittings, especially those that relate to stress corrosion cracking, which depends on the material use and on the method of cooling down the material after the hot pressing processing. We have likewise seen the potential influence the sealing [...]

Heating the swimming pool, too, with electrical resistance heater groups
During the summer period, many of you have the privilege of a nice swimming pool in the garden for enjoying the sun and a suntan. Not everybody, however, loves diving into a pool of water that is not exactly set at an optimal temperature, especially at the start of the season when the biting air [...]

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