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Safety provisions of the valves offered by Gnali Bocia
Over the years, the development of technology enabling the realisation of  highly efficient sanitary installations for the accumulation of water has led to improvements in safety standards. The safety valve in particular is a tool of prime importance introduced for better protection of the [...]

Different types of brass fittings
Gnali Bocia offers a complete catalogue of products including a variety of brass fittings. There are a number of differences between brass fittings for gas and for fluids, consequently the design phase assessments also differ in accordance with the different development requirements of fittings [...]

The variety of gas valves sold
One of the systems used in the world of tubing to transport gas are those valves used in gas meters. There are various types, but for use in environments such as residential or public buildings there is not a great deal of difference in the types of valve used. Gnali Bocia sells valves for [...]

Pressure reducing valves in the hydraulics industry
Safety is one of the most fundamental aspects of the working world. In this regard, Gnali Bocia ensures compliance with safety legislation for each of the products it manufactures or sells. A concrete example worthy of attention regards pressure reducing valves, extremely important components [...]

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