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Flexible water tubes made of stainless steel

Flexible water tubes, extendible and suitable for use with drinking water

Flexible tubes for water can certainly be found among our particularly important articles. Made of corrugated stainless steel, they connect devices to the water or heating systems. One of their uses, for example, is to connect the boiler to the domestic water and heating system.
The material used to make the flexible water tubes guarantees water drinkability, especially if the water is used for food or personal consumption. Two nuts are welded to the corrugated tube extremities using the TIG welding system because particularly clean. This guarantees repeatability and product quality.
Production is regulated by the UNI-CIG 7129 standard, which has remained valid only for flexible water tubes because extendable. Tubes for connection to lines where the fluid is gassy can no longer be extendible.
In addition to flexible tubes for water, the GNALI BOCIA catalogue also contains versions that can be used with gas that correspond to European Directive EN 14800, which came into force recently.


See also
11/09/2017 Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel Produced in corrugated stainless steel, the flexible tubes for water comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

11/12/2014 Stainless steel flexible tubes model FL286 Non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes for connecting devices to the domestic network

11/10/2014 Marking non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes. EN14800 legislation indicates how stainless steel flexible tubes should be marked.

11/11/2013 The UNI-CIG 7129 standard and flexible water tubes To obtain the manufacturing certification enabling them to be marketed, flexible water tubes must comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

11/03/2015 The UNI-IGC 7129 still allows the use of extendable flexible water pipes. Only flexible water pipes still have the possibility of being stretched, contrary to what happens in the area of gas.

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