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Elastic properties of a flexible hose
Boilers, warm baths, heat exchangers and flywheels: these are just some of the facilities at the transformation of thermal energy, allowing the heating of buildings, sheds and residential areas. The above is among heat sources that allow what was just described. But how to ensure that heat is [...]

The pressure gauges for hydraulic use
It is extremely important to choose a good measuring instrument such as a pressure gauge from the range of hydraulic equipment used for measuring and detecting pressure within plants containing water or other fluid. Gnali Bocia produces and exports systems consisting of individual gauges or [...]

The brass fittings produced by Gnali Bocia
The brass fittings production is a focus activity of the company Gnali Bocia working in the field of fittings. They are divided into the two broad categories. The first group consists of the components suitable for the use of gas, LPG or other compressible fluids. The other category is [...]

Process of nickel plating on the air venting valve
In the mechanical industry, almost any component is subjected to one or more heat treatments or surface coating. The purpose of these processes is to bring the properties of a mechanical component at a higher level compared to the crude product obtained in the raw state. One of the typical [...]

The functionality of the water manifolds
In industrial sector and, in particular, in the sectors where plumbing installation is foreseen, particular importance is given to the proper management of the water manifolds use. These are tools that supply water in the various areas. Gnali Bocia has created its own sales network all over [...]

Hydraulic valves marketed by Gnali Bocia
Hydraulic valves are only one category of fittings for fluids such as water or gas and Gnali Bocia has a wide range of them in its catalog pointing to the national and international sale covering various nations in the world such as Russia. Independently, if they are intended for [...]

Various applications of electrical resistors
The needs of the users have become enormous, so much so as to bring the companies develop entire departments of research and development to follow the logic of the market and satisfy their customers. Even in the world of hydraulic fittings this trend has been felt, not only in the purely [...]

Manufacturing of hydraulic connectors according the rules
The category of hydraulic connectors manufactured by Gnali Bocia is represented by a large number of components for liquid or gaseous fluids. In respect of health, safety and environment, Gnali Bocia applies (what regards the manufactured products) a range of regulations in order to certify the [...]

Low pressure regulators used for LPG and gas
Management of gas and transport systems of flows has always required special attention important for safety and maintenance of complex components, capable of withstanding pressures and range of use generally pushed in which the pressure or the speed can assume values certainly not indifferent. [...]

Cylinder connections for LPG and gas
An important component that ensures correct operation of gas bottles and more specifically of lpg is cylinder connections, i.e. systems made by one or more pressure gauges connected by piping in which the fluid flows. These components have a double purpose, the first one concerns safety since [...]

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