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anaerobic sealant for the tightness of threaded brass fittings
The tightness of threaded brass fittings occurs through a conical coupling on the thread, though we must bear in mind that the metal-on-metal coupling is not always enough to seal both liquids and gases. As hinted above, there are methods by now consolidated to seal these threaded brass [...]

Brass manifolds are beneficial for so many reasons
The benefits of brass manifolds may be summed up as follows: a wider wheelbase between junctions, while increasing obstructions, markedly facilitates assembly, to be combined with the use of soft pipes, such as copper or multi-layer pipe. Using brass manifolds decreases the installation costs [...]

Pure copper electric resistances
With power that reaches 3000 W, the electric resistances produced completely in GNALI BOCIA’s Lumezzane factory are versatile, multi-purpose items. The parts that make up the electric resistances are made from prime choice brass and copper that come from a certified supply branch, to give [...]

Waterworks and water pressure reducers
To supply all, even the most peripheral, users and improve the chronic distribution inefficiency of waterworks, distribution companies decided to increase the pressure in the piping, to the disadvantage of the closest users who are obliged to fit water pressure reducers. These water pressure [...]

Water collectors with diameters of 35 mm
Distribution of drinking water has always played an important role in our homes, and modern technology allows us to do this through water collectors made with copper and equipped with taps for the closure of each single branch. This allows for easy maintenance of the single utilities. The [...]

Automatic air exhaust valve for plant performance
An air exhaust valve is a device that is installed upstream to the heating system with respect to the pump for the extraction of air and gases that accumulate and could block the heating fluid. This occurs when the air bubbles obstruct and reduce the passageway of pipes, reducing their [...]

A pressure reducer for every need
When speaking of pressure reducers we refer to a vast range of devices dedicated to the regulation of outflowing pressure whether of liquid or gaseous fluids. GNALI BOCIA manufactures in its factory in Lumezzane, an extensive range of devices that covers both sectors. The most complete range [...]

Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel
We can use all the flexible tubes for water even if specifically designed to conduct gas, but in the vast range available in the catalog, there is the FL289 specifically achieved for this objective. These flexible tubes for water are in stainless steel, in conformity with the provisions of the [...]

Electrical armored resistors for heating
When speaking about electrical resistors for heating, we always refer to the heating of water in industrial or domestic facilities. But aside from this main use of these resistors, there may also be other uses. Oil or other fluids may be heated through these electrical resistors as long as the [...]

Mini-power units for campers and mobile homes
Always available in the warehouse, we can find the mini-power units a practical and compact solution to connect two or more tanks to a system. This solution can be used in both civil facilities, but is specially appreciated in campers and mobile homes because it is small and very [...]

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