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Manifolds for water and multilayer pipes
One of the most appreciated solutions to distribution in hot water systems is manifolds for water, made of stamped brass and worked on cutting-edge transfer machinery. These manifolds for water can be installed quickly without having to create chased intersections if combined with fittings for [...]

Electric resistors for water heaters and the problem of system corrosion
Electric resistors for water heaters induce vagrant currents into circuits which can favour spot corrosion. This damages the system components, starting from the electric resistors and ending with the boiler walls. Sacrificial anodes of magnesium are usually installed to protect these [...]

Boiler safety valves do not always leak because they are faulty
Boiler safety valves are devices that protect the heating system by discharging the water, therefore the excess pressure, when it exceeds 3 bar. At times, though, boiler safety valves can drip insistently, but almost never because of production faults. There are many other possibilities, and [...]

Manifolds for water heating systems and stress corrosion.
To keep water heating systems safe and long lasting, it is difficult not to think about using manifolds. These very versatile articles are made from brass and, thanks to their modularity, they can satisfy the most varied project requirements. The use of manifolds for water heating systems [...]

PVC flexible hoses with fabric reinforcement
In the specific section of our catalogue you can find PVC flexible hoses already cut to size and headed with specific fittings for connection between the gas cylinder and the relative user, or in 100 m rolls to be cut to the required length. The characteristics of these PVC flexible hoses are [...]

Life cycle of reducers for water
All the reducers for both water and gas made in our factory are sold to clients with a calibration and compliance certificate, after they pass bench inspections and calibration. The life cycle of these products begins from their cataloguing and the study of the most suitable process for their [...]

Gas fittings: construction and sealant
Brass is a versatile material and it is perfect for many different uses, among which for producing gas fittings. These items, which are usually indicated as generic fittings, in the majority of cases are produced starting from coarse material that is hot forged and subsequently processed by [...]

Materials for producing air release valves
We use the best materials available on the market to make our air release valves, starting from the body made of CW617N that is hot-forged and then processed on computerised numeric control transfer machines that guarantee constant process repeatability. This brass has the perfect combination of [...]

The importance of the specific power of electric resistances
The correct choice of the specific power when designing and making tubular electric resistances is a necessary condition for making this device operate correctly when in contact with water and powered by the power supply voltage. The maximum surface load of our electric resistances is 9 [...]

Competitive brass hydraulic fittings processing
The correct quality-price ratio when producing brass hydraulic fittings, often called generic fittings, can only be obtained with cutting-edge machines combined with purposely-studied tools that make it possible to carry out multiple processing in a single operation. The study of the tool shape [...]

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