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Gas taps, all under control
The Gnali Bocia catalogue include a wide range of gas taps that provide a solution for any application. Compliance with both Italian and EU standards make the products of this company a safe choice that guarantees durability, ease of installation and especially full safety of the environment [...]

Choose pressure regulators to fit your installation
In recent times, the pressure of aqueducts gets increased dramatically to reach the most disadvantaged consumers, creating problems for devices installed in buildings. In order to overcome these drawbacks, we can use pressure regulators to adjust output pressure values. Pressure compensated [...]

Air vent valves to eliminate gases from a system
The formation of air or gas bubbles is one of the factors that reduce a circuit's performance and thermal exchange and most importantly produce noise inside it; these bubbles can be eliminated through the use of air vent valves. The formation of gas in a system has several causes, among [...]

Stainless steel hoses synonymous with hardness and safety
When household systems need reliable and resistant connections, the items most adapted to satisfying this requirement are stainless steel hoses. The technology which is now a solid part of their production guarantees reliability and resistance over time. In AISI 316L solubilized material, this [...]

Tubular heating elements and copper corrosion
The company Gnali Bocia srl produces tubular heating elements that can be used in water heaters and boilers both open and pressurized. The range available in the catalogue covers a wide variety of needs with heating powers ranging from 1000 to 3000 watts, normally functioning with 220 Volt [...]

The purposes of gas safety valves
Gnali Bocia S.r.l. offers a wide range of products also including gas safety valves, which are undoubtedly useful in the construction of industrial and civil systems. These valves are manufactures in the Lumezzane production plants according to the most stringent machining and testing standards to [...]

Best production techniques for brass fittings.
The production of brass fittings usually begins by hot forging semi machined products. This stage of the production requires a series of precautions that will guarantee a long life cycle to the installed parts, without giving any dezincification and breakage problems. The cooling after the [...]

Using GNALI BOCIA S.r.l.'s mini manifolds for cylinder connection
The extensive GNALI BOCIA S.r.l. online brochure offers a complete range of mini manifolds complying with the design and installation requirements of Italian standards. The use of devices in domestic LPG distribution systems is regulated by the UNI 7131 standard. The mini manifolds are [...]

Interception valves and I.S.P.E.S.L. standards
The interception valves produced by GNALI BOCIA S.r.l. are manufactured on an original patented design using materials which guarantee reliability and durability – two essential factors for making your plants really safe. These interception valves intervene in normal conditions - if the [...]

The importance of lead in hydraulic fittings
During the machining of a mechanical component it is worth considering the final process that is involved in achieving the finished product.  In order to obtain the final shape of the hydraulic fitting, the chip removal process is carried out on turning and/or milling machines.   It is [...]

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