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Brass manifolds for the sake of water distribution

Range of brass manifolds suitable for water distribution in civil and industrial installations.

In plumbing systems, ample use is made of brass manifolds, which enable a good modularity, thanks to their realization and connection method. We may in fact assemble articles of the same range, though with different derivation numbers, until the necessary ones to users’ requirements are reached.
Depending on the capacity, we may choose, among the various models of linear brass manifolds for distribution, the diameter of the main stretch we can find realized in the measurement of a gas inch or a 3/4 inch, always with a gas thread. These threads enable the connection with the pressure line and with the subsequent manifolds.
The derivations of brass manifolds are realized in the measure of a 1/2 gas inch, with a flat seat or with the inside worked in 16mm diameter so as to lodge the hose connection of the multilayer system. These connectors are available in the catalogue as universal accessory and facilitate the assembly of the pipe.
The choice of a 36mm wheel base enables on these brass manifolds an easy access through the normal equipment at the installer’s disposal.


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