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Pipe for methane gas and the reference norm

A multi-layer PVC pipe for methane gas with an intermediate layer in woven material for the sake of improving resistance to pressure.

In GNALI BOCIA’s catalogue, we may find the pipe for methane gas realized in PVC capable of resisting the corrosive action of gas itself. The construction is of the multi-layer type and between the two pipes, internal and external, the standard demands that a woven or spiralled reinforcement capable of enduring part of the gas pressure be laid.
The reference UNI CIG 7140 standard for pipes for methane gas has been updated by the national unification body in 2013, and defines both the basic characteristics of the pipe and the tests the same has undergone and passed in order to be certified and sold as a safe product by our company.
The tests to be carried out on the pipe for methane gas are numerous and demanding, and involve all the mechanical resistance aspects of the product, both hot and cold, in addition to other aspects such as the corrosion caused by contact with the conduit fluid, resistance to the flame, or the difficulty in disconnecting the pipe from the hose.
Safety, however, also results from the installation mode, which is why the standard stipulates that the pipe for methane gas should be provided along with an instruction sheet setting out all the necessary warnings.


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