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Air vent valve controlled by a float

With a float system the air vent valve eliminates the gas accumulations in the systems

We know that the air vent valve is the cure to eliminate the accumulations of air from the systems that besides generating the well-known noise in the pipes, can generate obstructions in the pipes or worse cavitation in the pumps and lastly also corrosion phenomena .
The first step to reduce these inconveniences is certainly a gradual and controlled filling of the system. But when fully operational the automatic air vent valve allows to eliminate, especially at the highest points of the system, the accumulations without manual intervention but through the action of an internal float.
In the air vent valve this float is lowered in the presence of air which causes the water level to drop inside the container, the float controls a locking pin that allows the outflow of the air until the lifting of the float does not close the passage.
For the construction of the air vent valve, first choice materials are used which guarantee durability over time.


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