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Stainless steel flexible pipes with plastic protective sheath

Stainless steel flexible pipes meet the UNI CIG 9891 standards which provide the external protection in plastic polymer

The stainless steel flexible pipes, also called ‘to continuous wall’, are devices that are normally used for connecting users to the domestic gas distribution network, replacing the rubber pipe. They can also be used for water conduction.
The stainless steel flexible pipes can also be covered by a plastic sheath, but this should not be structural. That is, it must not contribute to the resistance of the pipe during the tests of compliance with the standards. The only purpose of the sheath is the protection against abrasion, with the foresight to choose a material that does not degrade or corrode the external surface of the pipe.
But the peculiarity, as we have often said, is that the stainless steel flexible pipes are extensible and adaptable to any domestic connection, always keeping in mind that their length must not exceed twice the initial compressed length.
The reference standards for stainless steel flexible pipes are UNI CIG 9891 and UNI CIG 7129


See also
01/10/2014 Marking non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes. EN14800 legislation indicates how stainless steel flexible tubes should be marked.

01/03/2015 The UNI-IGC 7129 still allows the use of extendable flexible water pipes. Only flexible water pipes still have the possibility of being stretched, contrary to what happens in the area of gas.

01/01/2019 Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas Stainless steel flexible hoses for gas are covered with a plastic layer to protect them from abrasion

01/12/2014 Stainless steel flexible tubes model FL286 Non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes for connecting devices to the domestic network

01/09/2017 Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel Produced in corrugated stainless steel, the flexible tubes for water comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

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