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Manifolds for sanitary installations and flexible choice of derivations

The modularity of the manifolds for sanitary installations allows to expand the number of derivations if necessary

The manifolds for sanitary installations usable in the home and in the domestic systems are made by Gnali Bocia in Lumezzane, equipped with modern processing plants based on numerical control machines, that guarantee the precision of the work and the reliability of the product.
In the case of manifolds for sanitary installations it is fundamental to choose a flexible configuration, such as that created by the modular manifolds equipped with shut-off valve on each derivation.
The usefulness of this locking device is in the ease with which it allows the maintenance or isolation of each single branch of the system, leaving the others usable at any time.
However, it is possible to use the manifolds for sanitary installations with shut-off valves also to regulate the flow of individual branches, this is most useful in the case of their use in heating systems.
Each component is made of first choice materials to guarantee the customer durability over time.


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