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Safety valve useful to avoid explosions

Brass safety valve that allows to stop the gas in the presence of abnormal conditions in the system

For each application between our products it is possible to find the most suitable safety valve for shape and size, to be applied to gas utilization devices. The task of this safety valve is to stop the flow of combustible when there are no safety conditions for its operation.
One of the most dangerous cases is when for any reason the flame of a burner goes out, creating an unburned gas leak that can saturate the environment and lead to the conditions for an explosion. For this reason the safety valve is designed for the connection of a thermocouple that in case of absence of flame interrupts the flow of combustible.
But there is also a version of a safety valve that allows gas to be stopped without thermocouple, but by reading the excesses of flow, which is often a sign of an important leak and that can happen for example when the hose connector is detached from the flexible tube.


See also
08/02/2016 Using safety valves equipped with thermocouple Safety valves for intercepting gas if the flame dies.

08/04/2016 Safety valve and flame adjustment according to the EN 125 standard Complying with the European standard EN 125, the safety valve ensures the interruption of gas in the absence of flame

08/07/2016 Safety valves for the thermocouples in our catalogue. Safety valves made to satisfy the UNI EN 125 standard, a European harmonised standard that makes it possible to receive CE marking.

08/11/2017 Safety valve and assembly onto the water heater The safety and check valve must be fitted onto the water heater inlet for it to operate correctly

08/12/2016 Gas safety valves with thermocouple, even for pilot lights A wide range of gas safety valves is available that can even manage the pilot light for total safety

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