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The range of thermal hydraulic products made by Gnali Bocia

The products for thermal hydraulics are designed, tested and marketed by Gnali Bocia both in Italy and worldwide.

The range of products for thermal hydraulics includes a series of components which are specifically designed for the production of both home and office heating systems.
The thermal hydraulic products may include: multi-layer pipes for the distribution of water and gas, pressure reducers, safety valves and air vent valves, sheathed electrical resistance heating elements, thermostats, fittings made of various types of brass (extensions, nipples, plugs, tees, sleeves, elbows and cylinders), heating manifolds with  feed holes, more specific fittings for a multi-layer pipe, pressure stabilisers, ball valves for meters, gas shut-off valves and much more besides.
These products are just a few of those made specifically for thermal hydraulics. The Gnali Bocia catalogue available on the website includes the whole range of products for systems that are launched on the market both in Italy and worldwide.
In order to allow them to be presented on the International market, the products for thermal hydraulics must comply with the CIG (Italian Gas Standard) UNI and ISO standards among others. This ensures that the products comply and can be certified and consequently sold throughout the world. The standards are designed to better manage the protection of the environment and the safety of the operator when in contact with a specific component: Gnali Bocia aims to stop unpleasant incidents occurring as a result of a failure to observe the standards.


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