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High and low pressure regulators for the hydraulics industry

The pressure conditions within the hydraulic systems are managed by special components that maintain the nominal values within set parameters.

It has always been considered necessary to know the pressure values that a mechanical component is subject to during operation. This is the case for the pressure regulators that are differentiated by high and low pressures depending on the different scenarios under scrutiny.  Even if the design of such components is relatively simple, they are of vital importance in system installations where the pressure needs to be maintained within certain values.
The basic working principle envisages the use of a spring with a fixed Young module, where the value of yield strength can be calculated. This spring is subject to varying stress depending on the upstream pressures: when it exceeds a threshold limit, the spring compresses allowing the fluid to escape so that operation of the regulator and the system is restored to optimal conditions.
Currently, in order to ensure improved control of the conditions on outlet from the system, an electronic system is added to the mechanical action of the spring inside the regulator so that it can monitor the system and manage any problems.
This system is designed to comply with specific requirements of national and international standards governing the relevant product categories.


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