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The importance of thermostats in boilers

The choice of a thermostat for a boiler is very important for reducing the emission of pollutants and lowering consumption.

A mechanical component must work at nominal conditions that allow continuity over time: for example, a thermostat for boilers must be able to detect the temperature or any variations of it with minimum reading errors so as to allow the boiler to control the flow of heat necessary for heating water or any other working fluid.
It may seem a foolish point to make, but the thermostat contributes to lowering the boiler’s consumption and indirectly also contributes to reducing the emission of the polluting particles responsible for the greenhouse effect and the increase of particulate in the atmosphere, i.e. of all those substances which, suspended in the air, can harm human health.
The optimisation of the production chain is, as explained above, essential to the protection of human health and the environment. This is why Gnali Bocia focuses heavily on the safety of the whole range of its thermostats up until their installation and testing inside the boiler.
Generally, a low consumption boiler with relatively low flow rates is preferred for domestic use so as to avoid any losses and subsequent fluid top ups. A thermostat able to detect the temperature of the fluid in the boiler with high accuracy and able to consequently adjust the functioning of the boiler is therefore essential.



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