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The purposes of gas safety valves

The advantages of using gas safety valves in industrial or civil systems

Gnali Bocia S.r.l. offers a wide range of products also including gas safety valves, which are undoubtedly useful in the construction of industrial and civil systems.
These valves are manufactures in the Lumezzane production plants according to the most stringent machining and testing standards to ensure that combustible fluid is intercepted in any emergency situation.
The flow cut-off function of the gas safety valves in controlled via thermocouples that are in contact with the flame and are therefore able to guarantee total interruption of the gas supply in the event that gas is lacking and the burners consequently switch off. This device is useful when the interruption of gas delivery is caused by external factors and not requested by the user.
The gas safety valves remain set closed until they are manually re-activated by the user and 'feel' the presence of a flame through their temperature sensors.
This mechanism ensures safety against the hazard of gas pockets being created that can cause explosions in the building.
There are both low pressure and high pressure gas safety valves with a variety of inlet and outlet fittings suitable for any application.
Gnali Bocia S.r.l. offers metric and gas threads, with both flat and bevelled seals, as well as hose connectors compliant with the various standards for methane and LPG.

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