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Distinctive features of the fuel shut-off valve

Various characteristics ensuring the Gnali Bocia fuel shut-off valve is a safe product

A fuel shut-off valve is fundamental for an installation’s safety. These devices interrupt the fuel flow to the boiler before the temperature of the liquid circulating in the system exceeds the free-air boiling point of water.
Once the safety device has been tripped, we will have to wait until the fluid temperature goes below 87°C in order to rearm manually.
The fuel shut-off valve consists of a positive action mechanism, which ensures flow shut-down and the system’s rearming even in cases of capillary or temperature sensor breakages.
The fuel shut-off valve is available from the catalogue in sizes from ½ to 2 inches and should be applied to the gas feed pipe prior to the burner, whilst the temperature sensor should be placed no further than 50 cm from the hot water exit, before any device to be used or shut-down device.
During the installation, it is important to verify that the capillary is not excessively bent or pinched; the risk is that the safety functionality is lost.
The fuel shut-off valve must be mounted vertically with the upward rearming device, or horizontally. Avoid inverted mounting which will jeopardise the device’s working principle.



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