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The use of mini control units on your camper.

One of the applications of mini control units is mounting it on your motorhome or caravan in order to guarantee a safe holiday.

Vacation Time? Let’s try out a camper? But will there be all mod-cons? 
These mobile homes have been enjoying a widespread diffusion recently and more sophisticated equipment is required for this type of clientele, especially concerning mini control units that must ensure the safety of the occupants and the vehicle. 
When we are on vacation we want to forget all about problems and these mini control units produced by GNALI BOCIA do the job; they are made ​​with top quality materials in the Lumezzane factories, using the latest generation of machines in order to guarantee machining precision. They are also designed to minimize the space they occupy whilst providing equal performance and results. 
The distinction of the various items is made according to the maximum capacity of the system, the number of couplings and the configuration of the mini control units. For example, we find them in a compact Y configuration made on purpose to limit occupied space and we can fit them with a pressure gauge in order to check the level of our tank. 
The choice of capacity makes them suitable for the needs of every camper; we can find mini control units starting from 4 kg / h, up to 10 kg / h for larger vehicles. Two couplings equipped with a stopcock allow connecting two tanks and changing one of the two without having to give up cooking your lunch. 
Please note that these items can also be found in kits, with flexible connections.


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