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Marking non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes.

EN14800 legislation indicates how stainless steel flexible tubes should be marked.

When connecting domestic gas distribution systems and utilization devices such as gas hobs in modern kitchens, in order to ensure safety UNI 14800 has standardized the characteristics of non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes particularly for those whose length exceeds 500 mm. 
The FL286 series stainless steel flexible tubes have all the requirements to qualify for this modern standard that replaces UNI 9891 issued by our standards authority back in 1998. 
This new standard clearly defines how stainless steel flexible tubes should be marked in order to be marketed, but above all for their installation. 
If we look closely at the product we will find markings which must be present both on one of the metal parts and on the sheath that protects the tube. Specifically we must find the following information written at one end, on the sleeve, on the swivel joint or on the sealing ring of the sheath: the last two digits of the year of manufacture, the manufacturer's name, the batch production. 
The identification number of the notified body, the reference to the relevant regulation, the type of gas and if applicable the direction of gas flow must be found on the sheath of the stainless steel flexible tubes. 
A far more complete list of data has to be shown on the instruction sheet that must accompany the product from its production and which should be preserved by the end user for the entire life of the product.



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