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Choose pressure regulators to fit your installation

The range of pressure regulators in our catalog enables you to choose the most suitable model.

In recent times, the pressure of aqueducts gets increased dramatically to reach the most disadvantaged consumers, creating problems for devices installed in buildings. In order to overcome these drawbacks, we can use pressure regulators to adjust output pressure values. Pressure compensated regulators are built so as to maintain a constant outlet pressure regardless of changes that may occur at the entry point.
They feature a piston configuration and are very robust; the sealing systems, determined by design, ensure durability and reliability such as to reduce maintenance operations.
The catalog lists two different models of pressure regulators: 1) the MIGNON series, reduced in size and with a maximum inlet pressure of 16 bar, it may be used for households; 2) for higher pressures up to 25 bar, we can instead use the STANDARD series, better suited for industrial use.
For a correct installation, if not already present like on some models of the smaller series, a filter system must be installed preceding the regulator to intercept particles that could damage the seals, thus making the device unusable.


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