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Cavitation in water pressure reducers

Prevent cavitation phenomena that could damage water pressure reducers

Water pressure reducers are devices that reduce and stabilize the pressure inlet to private users that in some particular areas are high or not particularly stable. This is risky for devices connected to the system that can also be expensive and delicate.
The adjustment is carried out by the shutter, which generates a pressure drop and which is the one that, depending on the required flow rate, keeps the outlet pressure stable.
When water pressure reducers are chosen, the reduction ratio and the flow through the device must be taken into account, but we must bear in mind that at a high reduction ratio there is a speed that can be very high at some points.
This can generate the cavitation phenomenon in the water pressure reducers, meaning that this acceleration of the flow decreases the pressure until the liquid itself does not reach the vapor pressure and microbubbles are generated in the fluid, which tend to explode and to create localized overpressures that have such a power as to create a corrosion on the material of the reducers.
The solution is the choice of the right work point that we can get from the graphics provided with the product.



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