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Flexible tubes in the hydraulic sector

Gnali Bocia manufactures and sells hydraulic components like flexible tubes.

Flexible tubes are one of many products exported by Gnali Bocia all over the world. Production is divided into flexible tubes for gas and for water and in both cases there are specific standards for the dual product types.
In order to guarantee fulfilment of the above-mentioned standards it is important that the flexible tubes comply with specific criteria in order to be sold freely on the market.
For flexible tubes that transport gas the standard referred to by Gnali Bocia is the UNI-CIG 8991; this established various criteria for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the domestic installations that use combustible gas. The above standard is applicable to the construction or repair of installations or part thereof, to the ventilation of premises and to the escape of combustion by-products. Therefore in order to guarantee high levels of quality, all of the flexible tubes for gas have to comply with this standard.
Flexible tubes that carry water or other incompressible fluids on the other hand are subject to the UNI-CIG 7129 standard, which is expressly applicable to installations of the type just described.
Flexible tubes for gas are covered with a yellow anti-corrosive and non-toxic sleeve, while those for water do not have this protection, although they do have to guarantee a minimum level of insulation from high temperatures.


See also
01/11/2013 The UNI-CIG 7129 standard and flexible water tubes To obtain the manufacturing certification enabling them to be marketed, flexible water tubes must comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

01/10/2014 Marking non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes. EN14800 legislation indicates how stainless steel flexible tubes should be marked.

01/02/2016 Flexible water tubes made of stainless steel Flexible water tubes, extendible and suitable for use with drinking water

01/09/2017 Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel Produced in corrugated stainless steel, the flexible tubes for water comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

01/12/2014 Stainless steel flexible tubes model FL286 Non-extensible stainless steel flexible tubes for connecting devices to the domestic network

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