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april 2011

Manifolds for water heating systems and stress corrosion.

Manifolds for water heating systems, made from hot forged brass and cooled to homogenise the material

To keep water heating systems safe and long lasting, it is difficult not to think about using manifolds. These very versatile articles are made from brass and, thanks to their modularity, they can satisfy the most varied project requirements.
The use of manifolds for water heating systems means that the utilities can be concentrated in a distinct point. They can be coupled using single pieces of piping, which prevents chased connections in both floors and walls. The possibility of leaks over time therefore becomes remote.
Brass is a material that can cause stress corrosion, resulting in breakage, if it is not forged correctly. This is why GNALI  BOCIA concentrates all its attention on the production cycle, starting from the very first phase. The manifolds for water heating systems, in fact, are forged from top quality alloys, the composition of which is controlled in-depth. The cooling phase, which is the most important one for eliminating stress, is carried out in controlled environments and at a speed that correctly homogenises the material.
The process is controlled by an ISO 9001 quality system.



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