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Heating manifolds, low bulk

Heating manifolds made using modern and efficient machines in the Lumezzane headquarters

Our heating manifolds are made starting from moulded pieces of brass. You can find them in our company catalogue, even with multiple branches that can be combined to obtain the number of branches needed for the plant being assembled.
The heating manifolds can be equipped with taps, and in this case they are used to distribute the heating fluid in radiators or in the coils of an underfloor heating system. They also guarantee precise flow control and the circuit can be intercepted if maintenance is required.
The low bulk of these heating manifolds means they can even be housed inside walls, eliminating those aesthetic problems that can occur in homes.
Optional accessories for correct identification, for example serigraph printed and coloured labels, hand grips of different colours according to use, or washers for adapting them to the multiple branch connections, are also available for the whole range.
Our range of heating manifolds can also have different centre to centre distances, according to the specific use.


See also
05/11/2018 Heating manifolds multiple derivation Combining heating manifolds together to obtain the right number of derivations

05/02/2016 Manifolds for sanitary installations with locking screw Moving from a forged, nickel-plated brass body, I can produce manifolds for sanitary installations.

05/12/2017 Use the manifolds for heating for better distribution With the manifolds for heating there is a better distribution and balancing of the heat in the system

05/12/2015 Modularity of the brass manifold for heating Threaded at its ends, the manifold for heating enables the combination of different models for attaining the right number of outputs

05/03/2017 Water manifolds with stopcocks Modular water manifolds made starting from unrefined cw617n brass, and machined using CNC centres

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