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Manifolds for water and multilayer pipes

Manifolds for water, made of brass that has been worked with machine tools to make your installations modular

One of the most appreciated solutions to distribution in hot water systems is manifolds for water, made of stamped brass and worked on cutting-edge transfer machinery.
These manifolds for water can be installed quickly without having to create chased intersections if combined with fittings for multilayer pipes and a flexible hose that can adapt itself to the most demanding routes when creating domestic systems.
The most versatile version has interception taps that make it possible to close one branch of the system at any moment without leaving the other points without water. In addition, the modularity of the manifolds for water means they can be combined to create the number of outflows necessary for every situation.
There are also manifolds for water without interception tap, which are much simpler but less versatile that those described previously.
These articles are part of our brass products range for creating domestic and industrial systems, together with a wide range of fittings and accessories.



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