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Various models of flexible rubber tubes, compatible to all gases

On the catalogue, you'll be able to find the right range of flexible rubber tubes among a number of various measures' hanks

 On the GNALI BOCIA’s catalogue, we can fine the flexible rubber tubes range to be used for connecting utilities to a domestic distribution network or to fuel tanks, in the case of portable appliances.
The flexible rubber tubes are manufactured with materials compatible with the gases that they’ll transport, this in order to guarantee their durability over time without corrosion phenomena occurring due to the contact with the fluid. Having said this, all plastic and rubber materials have a life span and, therefore, an expiry date. This information is always clearly marked on the tubes dealt by our company. The flexible rubber tubes must always be changed at regular intervals and must never be used after the date indicated on the tubes themselves.  
You can find the said articles in fixed size measure hanks and, depending on the usage to which they’re destined, they detain certification and accordance to determinate regulations. The main ones being the DIN 4815-1, which also lead to the release of certifications DVGW, UNI 7140 and EN ISO 3821.
We take the opportunity to remind you of how the flexible rubber tubes are designed to work in natural combination with the hoses of our production, which are available in several versions.


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