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Plastic hoses to connect gas utilities

Plastic hoses for gas with a textile reinforcement to withstand internal pressure.

For the distribution of the gas especially in the final stretch from the main pipes, usually made of metal, plastic hoses or rubber flexible hoses are used even if the latter material has a much shorter duration. The new materials, such as PVC, make it possible to extend the useful life of the product and consequently its safety, even if the standard still provides for a regular replacement.
In fact, PVC is the main material with which plastic hoses are made, being particularly resistant to the aggressive characteristics of certain gases used in distribution networks, such as methane and LPG. The mechanical resistance of plastic hoses is given, as we mentioned before, by a textile reinforcement that resists internal pressure and allows these tubes to be used under pressure.
Usually plastic hoses are supplied from our warehouses in rolls that can reach up to 50 meters.


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