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Two categories of brass pipe fittings

Multi-layer and generic pipe fittings, Gnali Bocia guarantees a variety benefitting every kind of installation

At its Lumezzane plants, GNALI BOCIA produces, through last generation systems, a complete range of pipe fittings realized in brass, both of generic and of multi-layer type, an important segment of the market.
Inside these sections, we find pipe fittings in the most common forms, such as female-female elbows, tees, normal and reduced nipples. They are realized in CW617N brass, and may be supplied in a natural state or protected through nickel or lucid chromium plating, capable of enhancing their resistance to corrosion. Maximum operating temperatures are 120°C for a maximum 16 bar pressure.
Likewise with first choice materials, multi-layer pipe fittings of the “tightening” type, which enable assembly on the most common pipes sold on the market, are realized. Once the pipe is inserted, ogives and nuts allow us to tighten the coupling by joining the surfaces (= causing them to stick) and by making the OR gaskets work. They are realized in peroxide, which ensures their grip.
The ISO 9001 quality system regulating all the company processes ensures a repeatable and reliable production of all the pipe fittings sold by the company to its customers, guaranteeing their safety and functionality.


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