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Flexible water hoses of stainless steel, expandable

Flexible water hoses that can be extended to double their initial length, as indicated by UNI CIG 7129

Threaded for gas at the extremities, our flexible water hoses have solved many installation problems. The fact that they can be extended to double their normal length means that any type of device can be connected to the water mains without creating strange pipe knots that have never been elegant aesthetically.
They are produced in the Lumezzane headquarters. The flexible water hoses are made starting from a stainless steel corrugated hose, to which end fittings are welded, usually one fixed and the other rotatable with a flat seat for the gasket seal. This means that the hoses can be assembled easily without tightening the hose nuts dangerously.
In the case of flexible water hoses, the standard does not include a fireproof covering made of plastic material that usually protects the flexible hose from dangerous abrasion. The UNI CIG 7129 standard also imposes a maximum length equal to twice the initial length.
In the same section of the catalogue, and in addition to the flexible water hoses, there is also a series of products specifically for gas.


See also
06/11/2016 Extendable flexible water hoses Our flexible water hoses can be extended for easy assembly until they reach double their normal length

06/01/2019 Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas Stainless steel flexible hoses for gas are covered with a plastic layer to protect them from abrasion

06/10/2015 Flexible water supply hoses in stainless steel for health care uses as well. The solution for an easy connection of devices to the health care system consists in flexible water supply hoses

06/04/2017 PVC flexible hoses with fabric reinforcement In rolls or cut to the lengths given in the catalogue, Gnali Bocia PVC flexible hoses are suitable for transporting gas

06/09/2017 Flexible tubes for water, corrugated in steel Produced in corrugated stainless steel, the flexible tubes for water comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard

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