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Process of nickel plating on the air venting valve

The nickel-plating is used to increase the material hardness and improve other characteristics of the air venting valves. This operation is executed before launching product to the market

In the mechanical industry, almost any component is subjected to one or more heat treatments or surface coating. The purpose of these processes is to bring the properties of a mechanical component at a higher level compared to the crude product obtained in the raw state. One of the typical examples of described operations is the treatment of the air venting valves which are designed and marketed by Gnali Bocia worldwide.
The air venting valves are used to evacuate the excess air inside an industrial plant. It is important to know that the safety valves are equipped with automatic regulation of air-out and this is allowed by a stainless steel spring which, when compressed above a certain threshold, opens the upper tap and allows excess air to escape, reducing the pressure inside the system. In practice, the maximum working pressure that can be sustained by venting valves usually equals to 10 bar.
Note again that the air venting valves are subjected to the nickel plating for the purpose of increasing the hardness and wear resistance. This treatment also increases the adhesion of the coating to the brass substrate of the venting valves and improves anticorrosion characteristics. The last factor is to be taken into account for the environments in which the working atmosphere is not inert and humidity value is considerable.


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