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Automatic air exhaust valve for plant performance

Upstream to the boiler, the air exhaust valve serves to prevent dissolved gas from accumulating

An air exhaust valve is a device that is installed upstream to the heating system with respect to the pump for the extraction of air and gases that accumulate and could block the heating fluid. This occurs when the air bubbles obstruct and reduce the passageway of pipes, reducing their efficiency.
Air accumulation management greatly improves the performance of the system’s boiler, and this is done through the air exhaust valve which is inside the body. It is made of solid copper and equipped with a floating system that vents out the system without needing human intervention, and thus, without the risk of not venting the system.
The air exhaust valve can also be compared to a separating device since it enables the elimination of the dissolved gases without creating water leaks and thus a drop in the plant’s pressure.
The air exhaust valve can be also automatic, like those shown in the GNALI BOCIA manual or those found in radiators and dedicated equipment for the venting out of accumulated air.


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