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Air venting valves and accumulations in systems

Air accumulations in systems are caused by many things, but can be eliminated using an air venting valve

Why should you install an air venting valve?  The main reason is to eliminate the air and gas that accumulate in some areas of the system and which can prevent the fluid from flowing correctly through it.
Air pockets can appear as a result of many different causes, but the main ones are: incomplete expulsion of the air during the filling phase, gas dissolved in the filling or topping-up fluid, possible infiltrations during system operation. As said previously, the only way to remove them is to install air venting valves in suitable positions beforehand.
Air venting valves are also the only possible solution to bad system design, which accidentally allows the air to accumulate, above all near downward deviations.
Air venting valves can be automatic, eliminating gas without requiring external intervention, or manual like those normally installed on radiators, which need to be intervened on directly.



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