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Nickel plated threaded brass fittings

The nickel plating applied to the threaded brass fittings replaces chrome in those markets where chrome is not permitted

Nickel plating is a hardening surface treatment that makes the product surface highly resistant to the wear that is typical of assembly operations, and to corrosion, which can be generated by permanence in humid environments.
The choice of this particular treatment to coat threaded brass fittings is also dictated by having to satisfy the production standards of some countries. Indeed, this coating is a valid alternative to the classic chrome plating.
In some countries, it is forbidden to use chrome as a coating agent, above all if used on threaded brass fittings that can come into contact with food or drinkable water.
In the gnali bocia catalogue, all the threaded brass fittings are available made of untreated metal, chrome plated or nickel coated. The available models can satisfy every demand that arises during system installation.


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