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Pressure reducers for high pressure gas

Pressure reducers with a brass or zamak body and pressure adjustment screw

A specific section of the GNALI BOCIA gas catalogue is dedicated to pressure reducers, devices that lower those high pressure values found, in particular, in tanks where the internal pressure is particularly high and cannot be handled by a normal regulator.
Made with a brass or zamak body and internal membranes of elastomer that is compatible with the most commonly used gases being marketed, our pressure reducers are available in the most varied range of configurations. Their main characteristic is the adjustment device which, manually and according to the input pressure, varies the pressure available at output. There are, however, also fixed setting devices, perfected on our laboratory worktops to guarantee precision and constancy.
The choice of the most suitable pressure reducer, however, also depends on the flow rate that it can deal with. The available devices can reach a maximum flow rate of 40 kg/h of fluid.
According to installation requirements, there are also pressure reducers which, through a lock valve, can interrupt the flow if the hose detaches accidentally.


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