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A pressure reducer for every need

The pressure reducer is a device used for water, gas and methane

When speaking of pressure reducers we refer to a vast range of devices dedicated to the regulation of outflowing pressure whether of liquid or gaseous fluids. GNALI BOCIA manufactures in its factory in Lumezzane, an extensive range of devices that covers both sectors.
The most complete range is that dedicated to gases, and here you will find a pressure reducer model that suits every type of application, adjustable with fixed calibration but produced with the care and precision necessary to guarantee the safety of the devices.
But there is also the pressure reducer that best suits water systems, which through adjustment is able to absorb really high input values, maintaining the output pressure fixed at a preset value.
The company is also present in the methane distribution sector, especially in installing power distribution units, where the presence of a pressure reducer combined with an extensive choice of safety devices is the central point of the system.


See also
14/02/2017 Pressure reducers for high pressure gas Pressure reducers with a brass or zamak body and pressure adjustment screw

14/11/2013 Gas outflow from high pressure reducers The reference standards for high pressure reducers guarantee that, in the event of problems, any excess air can be released.

14/05/2014 Using GNALI BOCIA S.r.l.'s mini manifolds for cylinder connection Mini manifolds for connecting more than one cylinder to domestic gas systems.

14/02/2018 Water pressure reducer "mignon" series For installation in narrow spaces we use a water pressure reducer of the "mignon" series

14/10/2016 The stabilization of the inlet by means of a water pressure reducer valve Water pressure reducer valve, by means of the compensation principle, regulates the pressure output in a precise manner.

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