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Choosing the right pressure regulators in kit

The wide range in which you can choose the pressure regulators more suitable for your needs to be included in our kits

There are different models of pressure regulators on the catalog of our company and each of them has peculiar characteristics. Their main function is to regulate the gas under conditions of low pressure.
If the gas supply is in high pressure, it must be lowered through another device that is called reducer and provides a drastic lowering of pressure. In some cases this device may be combined in a stable manner to the pressure regulators and in this case we speak of dual-stage devices.
The maximum adjustable flow rate is 10 kg / h, but there are also smaller sizes that are used in assembly on camping tanks.
But the flow rate is not the only characteristic that we can choose in the selection of the pressure regulators best suited to the use we have to make. Among these characteristics we find the possibility to change the value of the regulated pressure at the outlet, or to have the locking device in case of excess flow.
To make it easier for users to use these pressure regulators, it is possible to supply for each model, kits already complete with flexible hose, clamps, and key for mounting on the cylinder tank.


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