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Heating manifolds with passage of 1

Heating manifolds necessary for easy installation of a heat distribution system

Made on special machines that work all the ends, the heating manifolds are then used for the distribution of the carrier liquid to the various radiators. The convenience of these items is their modularity and this allows to realize all the number of derivations necessary for each type of system.
The body has a passing diameter of 1" which allows, during the operation of the heating manifolds, to reduce pressure losses and allow a correct distribution of the fluid in a balanced manner so as not to create imbalances in the individual elements. 
For small corrections, there is a version of heating manifolds with a tap, which allows the flow in transit to be partitioned and thus to balance the entire system during start-up.
The typical installation of the heating manifolds is inside a metal box integrated into the wall due to the small size, and which allows to realize solutions that do not compromise the aesthetics of the home.


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